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Real Insights and Practical Tools for Channel Partners

Whether you're an MSP, VAR, Agent, TSD, or consultant, channel partners of all types will find interactive workshops with invaluable takeaways at Channel Partners Conference & Expo and MSP Summit. Our unique workshops were crafted by some of the most accomplished innovators in the channel, including Len DiCostanzo, Peter Kujawa, Kim Staro, and more. You'll have the opportunity to learn from the triumphs (and mistakes!) of these industry leaders, and how the lessons they learned along the way can be applied to your business. 

Sales Training for Agents & Tech Advisors: Master Today's New Selling Techniques

New for 2024, #CPExpo is launching a workshop in collaboration with Avant designed for sales and business leaders at agent and technology advisors who want to drive organic growth and demand generation. At the Channel Partners Sales Workshop, partners will gain actionable insights, practical tools and innovative guidance to help drive their organizations to new heights.

Mastering Prospecting for New Business

Obtain the formula for prospecting success in this workshop lead by Kim Staro, Channel Director at Avant. Walk away with the tools to master the latest in prospecting techniques to improve your pipeline. 

Understanding Today’s CCaaS Sales Cycle

Gain insights into the CCaaS sales cycle and customer journey from Brent Wilford, Sr. Director of CX & UC at Avant. Attendees will leave with CCaaS knowledge your rivals cannot match.

Complex Security Sales: Hacking Sales to Land Whales

Stephen Semmelroth, Sr. Director of Security at Avant will show agents & tech advisors how to go from selling products to delivering outcomes to attract the largest customers. 

The MSP Mentor Workshops

To help partners succeed, the Channel Partners & Channel Futures team have designed the MSP Mentor Workshop series led by MSP Toolkit founder Len DiCostanzo to help partners in managed services advance their business by leveraging best practices.

Navigating the AI Landscape

In this MSP Mentor Workshop, led by Len DiCostanzo of MSP Toolkit, and featuring Chance Weaver of Global Microsoft Practice, Jay McBain of Canalys, and Evan Leonard of CrushBank Technology MSPs will learn how to empower their managed service practices through innovation of artificial intelligence.

Best Practices for Building Sales-Growth Plans

Growth is necessary for any MSP to build a substantial business and effectively evolve to serve their customers. In this workshop, Len DiCostanzo of MSP Toolkit will walk partners through creating a sales-growth plan that will serve as your base for future success. Feauring panelists Jim Tarantino of Coro Cyber Security, Jason Rincker of Stronghold Data, and Jeff Newton of REDiTECH.

The Crucial Role of EBITDA in the MSP Landscape

Led by Len DiCostanzo of MSP Toolkit and featuring the insights of Peter Kujaway of Connectwise, Mark Sadler of Freeman Logan M&A Advisors, Neil Medwed of Meriplex, and Kevin Damghani of ITPartners, this workshop will explore how to optimize EBIDTA for long-term success. 

Relationship Economics: Account-Based Relationships & The Role of AI

Dive deeper into the mysteries of AI, and begin to unravel them, during this two-part workshop led by best-selling author and executive coach, David Nour. This highly interactive, hands-on workshop focuses on the intersection of design thinking, systems thinking and account-based relationships. It builds upon David Nour’s Channel Partners Conference keynote on the Consequences of AI on Enterprise Relationships. Attendees will learn how to develop and deepen more intentional, quantifiable, and strategic value of business relationships in every enterprise account.

Ready to Get Hands On at #CPExpo & #MSPSummit?

Choose a Conference or All-Access Pass to Attend the Workshops

The MSP Mentor and Sales Training for Agents & Tech Advisor workshops are open to anyone with an All-Access pass. The Channel Partners Conference Pass grants access to the Sales Training for Agents & Tech Advisor workshops and Relationship Economics Workshop with David Nour only, and the MSP Summit Conference Pass grants access to the MSP Mentor workshops only. Explore our pass options and prices, then register before prices rise on March 8, 2024.