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Who joined us in Vegas this March? And what did they think? Access the post-show report >>

Breaking Records at #CPExpo 2023

The 2023 Channel Partners Conference & Expo with MSP Summit was a smashing success, with a record-breaking 8,000+ channel professionals in attendance and 350+ sponsors and exhibitors on the Summit and Expo show floors. 

#CPExpo truly is the gathering place for the entire technology channel. 


What Were The Hot Topics At #CPExpo & #MSPSummit?



Spotlighting Managed Services

In the third year of bringing the MSP Summit to Las Vegas...

1,500+ IT professionals flocked to the Venetian to focus on all things managed services. With a full table-top expo and two days of juicy, in-depth technical content, IT professionals walked away with practical suggestions and next steps for growing and innovating their practice. 

Featured Keynotes From 2023

Spring 2023 MSP Summit Keynote - Rethinking the Workforce of Tomorrow


Rethinking the Workforce of Tomorrow

Organizations need a diverse set of tools, skills and human capital to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing and often uncertain world. In this new era, it is important to consider who the workforce is, where the work happens, what the work is and how it is being accomplished. In 2023, five channel experts took the keynote stage to discuss this issue. The conversation was moderated by Ron Lovern of Triton Networks, and panelists included Sharlene Jenner of Abelson Taylor, Gary Sorrentino of Zoom, Rob Miller of AT&T, and Kelechi Onyebuchi of TD Synnex. 

MSP M&A Superstars: Understanding Today’s New Realities

The M&A market has dramatically changed, impacting MSPs who want to exit the market, grow through acquisition or join a larger firm. In 2023, M&A superstars Tim Muller of ITX martinwolf, Neil Medwed of Meriplex, Cristian Anastasiu of Excendio, Brad Gross of the Law Office of Bradley Gross, and Cheryl Strom of The Riverside Company took the stage to share how they analyze targets, what they look for in targets and what you should expect in the M&A journey. 

Channel Partners 2023 Keynote - MSP M&A Superstars: Understanding Today’s New Realities

Channel Partners 2023 Keynote - A Conversation with Today’s Top Channel Influencers

A Conversation with Today’s Top Channel Influencers

Measuring channel influence in today’s tumultuous and complex market is no easy task. Many call channel influence elusive if not fleeting. The editors of Channel Futures called upon the insight of our board members and industry experts to determine the 50 most influential people of the year. They come from all walks of life in the channel ecosystem with each possessing something special when it comes to their importance to the entire channel. Some of the top Channel Influencers of 2023 took the stage for a conversation moderated by John DeLozier and Craig Galbraith, including Jen Gallego of Avant, Craig Patterson of Aryaka, Riya Shanmugan, and Ryan Walsh of Pax8.

The State of the Agent Market: Scaling and Pivoting in a Time of Flux

The technology advisor/agent channel faces a unique mix of opportunities and challenges. The partner model is enjoying more attention from vendors and investors than ever before. Customer are turning to them instead of less flexible partners and direct sales efforts from vendors and communications providers. In 2023, Our all-star TA 101 panel, moderated by James Anderson, and featuring TA 101 award winners Eric Ludwig of RISE Technology Adivsorys, Darcee Nelan of IQ Wirded, Lucas Salvage of Kairos Data Communications, and Matthew Toth of C3 Technology Advisors discussed the most pressing issues of the day. 

Channel Partners 2023 Keynote - The State of the Agent Market: Scaling & Pivoting in a Time of Flux

What Were the Hot Topics of the Week?

We interviewed a number of attendees at #CPExpo. Here’s what they had to say were their favorite topics discussed at Channel Partners Las Vegas.


“From my world, it’s absolutely cyber security. The topic on everyone's lips this year was cyber security.It’s the number one thing that partners and customers have to be concerned about and have toprotect against.” -Michelle Ragusa McBain, SonicWall 


Risk Mitigation

“One thing that I don't think is getting enough attention in our industries – the different verticals that we serve -is compliance and risk. You know risk mitigation is big for lot of different verticals that we service." Jason Rincker, Stronghold Data

AI in Channel

 “Everybody is talking about things like AI and Chat GPT, but what does that mean and how do we tie that into the customer experience to make life simpler, interactions cleaner, faster and simpler.”  Deborah Kestin Schildkraut, Kestin Consulting LLC


Spending Less

"A hot topic this year is how to do more with less. We're going through some tough economic times right now; budgets are shrinking, a lot of people are looking at how they can save money.  We have to do more together in the channel and really work with each other to be able to stretch the dollar a little bit further." Meilee Langley, Xcitium

Evolution of the Channel

"I think the industry is at a crossroads right now it's changing, it's professionalizing, it's growing up, it's becoming more enterprise-centric and I think we're in a period of change. That'sactually quite exciting because we can all build something bigger and better, especially those of us who've been at it for a very long time.This is this is an area where we're taking this next great leap to where we're going next and I've never been more bullish on the industry I love it." Dave Dyson, Eclipse Telecom

Celebrating World-Class Technology Advisors

Channel Futures Technology Advisor 101

Now in it's second year, the Technology Advisor 101 honors individuals who represent the very best of the agent channel. The award recognizes partners who source technology solutions to customers through a commission-based broker model. 

We welcomed the industry's top 101 technology advisory leaders to celebrate their success at a beautiful awards reception. We look forward to hosting a new list of executives while introducing company special awards at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2024.  

channel futures technology advisor 101

Ready for 2024?

We'll see you at the Venetian in Las Vegas to once again break records and host the largest channel event in the world.