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Channel Partners Conference & Expo has always been committed to bringing the channel community together by driving innovation and accelerating evolution. Meaning, our content is dedicated to breaking down technical challenges that limit business growth. Yet often there are wider challenges beyond technical adversity that everyone in this sector is seeking to solve together. These challenges are recognizable as long term, systemic and a key component of the industry’s future development. 

We have a responsibility to ensure that the platform we are creating is inclusive and accessible. We want everyone to feel welcome at Channel Partners Conference & Expo, to learn and understand the importance of innovation, to engage with technology as an enabler of positive change, to build a better functioning and more inclusive world, rather than exacerbate exclusion. Addressing these challenges will ultimately make Channel partners events more successful, sustainable and secure in the long run.

We have two key areas of focus: 

  1. Our first focus is for our events to inspire inclusive and sustainable development in the markets we serve – This is how we inspire our attendees, exhibitors and event teams to deliver an inclusive and sustainable event.
  2. Our second focus is to run our events in a socially responsible manner - This requires us to think about the impact that running our event has on the attendees and the industries we represent. It is also how we consider the welfare of all at our event, how we ensure we do business in an ethical and safe manner, as well as how we enhance equality, diversity and accessibility.

We will do this by pledging to these key aims:

  • Engage internal stakeholders to bring diversity and inclusion to the forefront of their roles. This includes having a speaker proposal system that is both relevant and open to everyone and balancing our speaker outreach to ensure a diverse faculty. We also have a dedicated commitment to panels that are a representative of society and industry in which we live and work.
  • Work with external stakeholders to incorporate diversity and inclusion in partnership execution. This includes working with sponsors to ensure speakers are diverse and the exhibition remains as accessible and environmentally-friendly as possible.
  • Commitment to an accessible venue and exhibition space
  • Build dedicated external partnerships to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the conference planning and execution process
  • Ensuring focused content promoting the well being and diversity of the industry spanning from entry level to leadership
  • Abide by an anti-harassment policy on site, shared with all staff, exhibitors and available on our website for all attendees to view

While we understand that it is our responsibility to curate a diverse and inclusive environment, it requires support from all who are engaged with Channel Partners Virtual and Channel Partners Conference & Expo to make it happen.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion also needs to be a continuous process, and not just during the event. We will do this through the key factors of implementation below:

  • Understand what diversity and inclusion means
  • Identify areas of focus at the event
  • Implement continual improvement
  • Promote best practice
  • Reviewing how we can improve

Channel Partners Conference & Expo is committed to making the future of tech an inclusive one. If you have any questions please reach out at [email protected], and I hope you will join us in taking this pledge.

Americans with Disabilities Act: If you require special assistance, auxiliary aids, interpreters or other reasonable accommodations while at the conference and/or expo, please contact Bridget Hays at least four weeks prior to the event date.

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