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Channel Businesses Can No Longer Put Off Social Selling

social seling

For channel partners, social selling is no longer an idea to consider. It's an action they must take.

The COVID-19 pandemic eliminated in-person sales virtually overnight. Now more than ever, potential customers are doing their shopping online.

This sales tactic searches for and engages with prospects online. It differs from traditional selling because it engages prospects for longer periods of time. Furthermore, it offers a more gentle approach than the hard sell.

Social selling needs to be a staple in channel businesses’ marketing and sales team strategies. In fact, teams that use social selling create 45% more sales opportunities than teams that don't leverage such strategies.

Marketopia's Andra HeddenBut how do you go about initiating a social selling strategy? And how do you know if what you’re doing works?

During her Channel Partners Virtual session, “2021 is the Year of Social Selling,” March 4, Andra Hedden, Marketopia’s CMO and owner, will share her secrets for successful social selling. Partners can learn how to grow their businesses by using social media platforms and online forums to engage with millions of decision makers.

In a Q&A with Channel Partners, Hedden gives a sneak peek into what she plans to share with attendees.

Channel Partners: How are channel businesses missing out by not making social selling a top priority?

Andra Hedden: Businesses are missing out on the opportunity to interact with hundreds of thousands of prospects by not getting involved in social selling. And, if you do it strategically, you can drastically decrease the front-end sales cycle, and increase the quality of your leads and revenue generation.

CP: How should a channel business go about initiating a social selling strategy?

AH: It’s important to understand where your audience is and which social outlets they frequent. Then build a strategy around those outlets to target exactly who you are trying to build relationships with. This allows a business to build a digital relationship with an audience on their terms and on their time.

CP: What are the dos and don’ts of creating effective social selling?

AH: Social selling is about relationship building, not hard selling. It is important for the user to feel the value that you are providing and they will begin to consume the business content and develop a digital relationship with your brand.

CP: How do you know if your social selling is working?

AH: You know that it is working when the inbound leads start to roll in.

CP: What do you hope attendees can learn and make use of from your keynote?

AH: I hope the audience leaves inspired to begin social selling and taking advantage of this amazing way to grow their businesses.

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