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Make Artificial Intelligence Your Marketing Superpower in a Data-Driven Market

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool, not a talent. You, as a marketer, have the talent. You also have the expertise and the perspective to harness AI to deliver optimal customer experiences.

So says Allison Bergamo — and she should know. The principal of Bergamo Marketing Group is an AI-powered, sales-focused next-gen marketing leader and award-winning content expert. In her session, “Transform Your Marketing, Gain a Competitive Advantage,” at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, Bergamo will offer insights and advice on what AI is, what it can do, how you use it and more.

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In a Q&A, Bergamo provided a bit of AI 101, addressing the technology’s potential as well as some common misconceptions about it.

Channel Partners: Back when people were resistant to cloud computing, it helped to point out to them that they were already using it in many facets of their lives such as Salesforce, Amazon, AOL, Facebook and Dropbox. What are some good examples of how they may be using AI already and not realize it?

Allison Bergamo: AI has been around for years and many of us use multiple AI-powered solutions in both our personal and professional lives. A few ways people use AI include: Apple unlocks your iPhone by scanning your face, Google Maps routes you to your destination, Zoom automatically transcribes your recorded meetings and LinkedIn curates your home page and recommends people to follow and connect with.

Allison Bergamo

CP: If someone knows nothing about AI, where would you recommend they start learning?

AB: There’s no substitute for hands-on learning and many AI tools are available to pilot at a very low cost. For example, many people are ChatGPT to generate text, images, video, and more based on generative AI technology. You can access a free version of ChatGPT or pay $20 per month for a more sophisticated GPT-4 version.

I recommend having a use case in mind when trying out these solutions. Focus on what you want to achieve with these solutions and avoid “shiny object syndrome.” For example, if you want to save time and improve your writing, you could try Grammarly, an AI-powered writing assistant.

Grammarly reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes as you create your content. It also detects plagiarism and suggests replacements for any errors it identifies. Grammarly is one of the first AI-powered tools that I piloted years ago and still use today.

The current pace of AI innovation is astonishing, and it can be challenging to keep up with all the news, trends, and product introductions. I recommend finding a few trusted information sources and communities in which you can access and share knowledge, case studies, and advice. People who are new to AI should attend one of the Marketing AI Institute’s monthly “Intro to AI for Marketers” webinars. You will gain a great AI knowledge base while connecting with a robust AI community of AI practitioners, vendors, andevangelists. I would also join their Slack community and subscribe to their podcast.

CP: What excites you, as a marketer, the most about AI?

AB: A recent Gartner survey found that 86% of B2B buyers and 71% of B2C buyers expect companies to know their preferences, and act upon them during a service interaction. I am excited to see AI solutions that empower marketers to deliver unprecedented levels of personalization and experiences that today’s digital-first buyers expect.

For example, Salesforce recently introduced Einstein GPT, a generative AI solution. Einstein GPT is designed to create personalized content across every Salesforce cloud with the goal of enhancing employee productivity and delivering better customer experiences.

Persado is an AI platform that delivers precise language based on individual preferences and engagement history. Marketers can use this tool to create content that is customized by word choice, context, style, and tone to produce personalized, engaging customer experiences.

CP: What do you think is the most common misconception about AI?

AB: People who work in marketing often ask me, “Is AI going to take my job?” AI won’t replace marketers, but marketers who use AI will replace marketers who don’t. I predict that companies will increasingly require marketers to have proven experience using AI-powered tools to drive productivity, creativity and results.

I also tell people that AI solutions are tools; they’re not “easy buttons.” There will always be humans involved to gain the most value from the technology. Marketers need to provide their expertise and perspective to “connect the dots” for their audiences and deliver optimal customer experiences. No AI tool can copy that.

The session “Transform Your Marketing, Gain a Competitive Advantage with AI” will take place Tuesday, May 2, at 11:20 a.m. It is open to All-Access and CP Conference pass types.

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