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Patch My PC to Bring Cybersecurity-Focused App Installation and Update Solutions to the 2024 Expo Hall

Software update

Maarten Follaets, Patch My PC: Interview Transcript

Craig: “All right. Hey again, everyone. Channel Futures editorial director Craig Galbraith here, looking forward to the upcoming Channel Partners Conference and Expo and MSP Summit, March 11th through the 14th at the Venetian in Las Vegas.” 

“Talking today to Maarten Follitz, Director of Growth at Patch My PC, a sponsor that we'll be exhibiting in both the MSP Summit portion of the conference and in the Channel Partners Expo Hall. Maarten, how are you?” 

Maarten: “I'm doing great. How are you?”

Craig: “I am doing well. Thanks for joining me today. So let's talk a little bit about Patch My PC. For those in the audience who aren't familiar with the company, tell us a bit.” 

Maarten: “So, Patch My PC is a fully remote company. We are currently with 100 employees across the whole globe. We have our headquarters in Castle Rock, Colorado. We have branch offices as well in Belgium and in the UK.”

“Patch My PC was originally founded by Justin Chalfant, and he has grown the company together with his wife, Marie, for the past 10 years, and it's an amazing company with an amazing culture, and I really like working there.” 

What Patch My PC Does

“So what we do as a company; we help companies to install applications on their computers and also automate the updating process of those applications. Why is that important? Well, all applications in a computer have bugs. And it's just a matter of time before these bugs get exploited by hackers. This can cause a company to lose their valuable data or even worse they can get encrypted. So from a security perspective, patching applications is very important.” 

“But what is difficult about it? So for every company there needs to be someone from the IT department who needs to monitor if there are new updates available for those applications and if a new version of application is available, then they need to create some kind of package. This package allows them to distribute the updates to all computers in their company, but they first need to test it and then make sure that there's no issue with that update within the company because if it's a critical application. This can have a lot of impact if not working. When it is tested, they distribute it to all the devices so they are all up to date.” 

“So how can we help them? Well, we have created an automated process for them so that they don't need to look anymore if there's no update available, and we just test it for them so they can just deploy it and they're saving tons of time.” 

Discounts, Sales Support and the Importance of Customer Communication

Craig: “All right, so Maarten, we're really looking forward to seeing Patch My PC at the show. What's the ideal partner you're gonna be looking for at this event?”

Maarten: “Well, our ideal partner is someone who likes to interact with our customers, with us, and joins us in our mission to better secure companies. There needs to be a good interaction. We are really customer focused; I know every company might say that, but we really engage a lot with our customers and we feel that our partners should do the same.” 

Craig: “That's great. So let's talk about your partner network and the sort of benefits that you offer to anyone that joins up with you.”

Maarten: “Okay, so we offer our partners a discount on our products. We give them the right marketing materials if they need them and they also have a direct connection to us so we can assist them in sales as well.” 

Craig: “All right, so interested in finding out what your main message is for prospective partners that you connect with at the event.” 

Maarten: “So if you are looking for a partner to get more security for your customers and to make sure that their applications are being patched and installed correctly, then Patch My PC is your go-to partner on this event 

Craig: “Maarten, we're excited to see you and to patch my PC team at Channel Partners and the MSP Summit, we're coming up here just a little more than a week away. Thanks for joining me today from Belgium.”

Maarten: “No problem, we are excited to be there and looking forward to meeting all the partners.”

We are just one week away from the event - secure your place for Channel Partners 2024 here!

PatchMyPC, Channel Partners Conference & Expo