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Safeguarding Data in Motion to Prevent Hacks Like SolarWinds

Chris DesRosiers, Tech Data’s director of security solutions business development, gives a sneak peek of the information he’ll share during the Channel Partners Virtual session on securing data in motion.

Vendor-Partner Channel Conflict Comes to a Head

While vendors and partners have many common objectives, their approaches have a history of conflict. Tensions have intensified, and some believe it is time to push back.

Get Ready to Cash In on the Massive IoT Opportunity

In this Q&A, Stephen DiFranco, principal at IoT Advisory Group, and Andrea Miner, Tech Data’s director of consulting services and marketing for IoT and data solutions, give a sneak peek of the information they plan to share during their Channel Partners Virtual sessions on helping partners take advantage of massive IoT opportunities.

Enhancing Your Channel Business with AI and ML

Harbinder Khera, founder and CEO of Mindmatrix, gives a sneak peek of the information he’ll share during his Channel Partners Virtual session on channel businesses making the most of AI and ML.

Channel Businesses Can No Longer Put Off Social Selling

In this Q&A, Andra Hedden, CMO and owner of Marketopia, gives a sneak peek of the advice she'll share during her Channel Partners Virtual session for building a successful social selling strategy.