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Learn How SuperOps Helps to Navigate MSP Challenges


Juan Fernandez, SuperOps: Interview Transcript

Craig: “Hey again, everyone. Channel Futures Editorial Director Craig Galbraith here. Looking ahead to the upcoming Channel Partners Conference and Expo and MSP Summit, March 11-14 in Las Vegas.” 

“Great chance today to talk with Juan Fernandez. Juan is the Channel Chief at SuperOps AI, a big sponsor of our AI arena at the event. Juan, how are you?” 

Juan: “I'm doing great Craig and I am excited for the event.” 

What Makes SuperOps Different?

Craig: “I'm glad. So am I. So let's talk a little bit about SuperOps for people who aren't that familiar with the company. What makes it different from some of the other PSA-RMM platforms out there?” 

Juan: “Well, Craig, I'm glad you asked. As we start to think toward the future of managed services, one of the things that people are considering is: ‘how do I do things smarter, better, faster, quicker?’”. 

“And the beauty of SuperOps is the ability to do everything in a unified RMM-PSA platform, where this is fully baked together from documentation and network monitoring, all the way down to all the different components of what you need to be doing in your day-to-day.” 

“So it really simplifies the opportunity and adds a lot of efficiency due to the fact that it's fully integrated. So really exciting times, Craig.” 

Craig: “Yeah, for sure. You've been with the company since last Fall, I believe. It's been just a few months now. What was it that drew you to Super Ops?” 

Juan: “The biggest thing for me is to know that the industry is ready for change. When I look at those things that are being change agents, I love to be a part of it.” 

“And I think that in the industry, I've focused a lot on being part of that change and wanted to look for products and services that were going to be collaborative with that effect. As I met SuperOps, one of the beauties that I saw that they were doing was they were bringing to market a new innovative platform of solutions that was really different.” 

“And because it's AI-based and because it's unified and because it's simplified, I recognize by being a previous MSP, that there are efficiencies and all those simplifications. That's what brought me here. I saw it. I realized the vision in the future and was like, I’ve got to be part of that.”

The Biggest Challenges Facing MSPs Today

Craig: “Yeah, you bet. So speaking of being an MSP, we won't tell the viewers out there how long you've been in this business, probably about the same or more than I have been. But you know a thing or two about being an MSP. So what are some of the challenges or maybe the biggest challenge you'd say that is facing MSPs today?” 

Juan: “I talk about the future of managed services as this ever-looming opportunity. But I think the biggest challenge is we're still focused on the opportunity for profitability.” 

“That's where a lot of MSPs are still trying to get their feet underneath them. There's not a lot of MSPs that we see that have really got air underneath their wings and are taking off. We see this as a slow climb to growth.” 

“By looking at those opportunities, productivity and enablement and all the other things that go into making that happen, these are some of the things that SuperOps is doing. And so I think those are some of the challenges.” 

Cybersecurity Presents Opportunity

“One of the other big things is that cybersecurity is a big opportunity these days. Really looking at industry best practices. And are some of the platforms that we're looking at today helping me with best practice?” 

“I think that's an opportunity. I talked about 2023 being the year of education. I say 2024 is re-education on doing some of the things that we've been thinking we knew how to do in the past.” 

“With the redefinition of AI and all the opportunities that we have, we have a new lens on the ways we look at things. And so I'm excited for it. I do think that those are the challenges, but I think those are also opportunities. And I think that we'll find ourselves in a new era of managed services in the very near term.” 

Plans for the 2024 Channel Partners Event

Craig: “Yeah, it's a great way to look at AI. It's definitely exciting. All right, let's bring it back to the event. When you're connecting with MSPs out there, what's the main thing you would say to an MSP that is considering the Super Op's platform?” 

Juan: “You know, I think I’d come at it as an opportunity of what's possible. I think that a lot of the challenges that we land up within the current status is that we look at what we've been doing in the past and we don't recognize what the future could be.” 

“And I think that in the case of coming to the event, come in with open eyes. Craig, you and I mentioned a lot of times we like to see things through a babe's eyes, seeing it for the first time and understanding the power of possibility.” 

“Come into your conversations and your experiences at Channel Partners as ‘what's possible?’. And this is why we've done such a hard push to try to help MSPs understand what's possible and really look at things in a different way and see things in a more effective, more productive, and more profitable lens.”

“Going back to the profitability statement, consider [the question]: ‘how am I going to make money in the future?’ and this new value equation of Managed Services. ‘What is my new value going to look like?’ All those in tow, I think that the future is everyone’s to behold.”

Craig: “I’m excited to see what that first-of-its-kind AI arena looks like Juan. Thanks for your time today on Channel Futures TV, and we appreciate Super Ops’ sponsorship of our event. We’ll see you soon.”

Juan: “We’ll see you soon.”

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