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Reggie Scales, Vonage: Interview Transcript

Craig: “All right, hey again, everyone. Channel features editorial director Craig Galbraith here getting really stoked for the upcoming Channel Partners Conference and Expo and MSP Summit, March 11th through the 14th at the Venetian in Las Vegas.”

“Got a great chance today to talk with Reggie Scales. Reggie is senior vice president, global sales and service applications at Vonage, an official sponsor of our AI symposium at the event. And of course, we'll have another great booth in the Expo Hall. Reggie, great to see you again.

Reggie: "Thank you, Craig. Good to see you as well, and thanks for having me.”

Craig: “Absolutely. Thank you for Vonage's support of the event. So, Reggie, I mentioned the AI Symposium. Obviously, artificial intelligence, something Vonage is pretty focused on. How does that pertain to the channel?”

Reggie: “Well, you know, first of all, thanks for having me again, Craig. And Vonage is 100% committed to the channel, as well as we try to continue finding ways to be disruptive, not only for our customers' employees, but our extended sales force, which is the partner community.”

Driving AI Innovation

“AI continues to be a very strong focus area for all of us in tech. And what we're trying to do here at Vonage is to really talk about our AI Acceleration Studio, which is our take on driving AI -driven innovation.”

“We're looking to personalize the customer's experience, making more efficient conversations, and also providing our partners with differentiation and that evangelism, if you will, in regards to where tech is headed.”

“And AI is at the forefront of that for all of us. So we are riding the wave of AI evolution and connectivity. And we want to make sure that we are stating our path on this journey, as well as putting our partners in a position to add value to their customers through this blossoming engagement that AI continues to evolve into.”

Craig: “Generally, Reggie, anything else with the Vonage partner program that partners should be aware of?”

Keeping a ‘Partner-First Approach’

Reggie: “Yes, we're going to continue to show our strong commitment to the channel here at Vonage. As you've seen over the years, we've continued to double down on our focus by expanding the team and also just keeping the partner first in all that we do.”

“We're focused on the customer experience holistically as an organization at scale. And I'll say this, as I said before, the partner community is our extended sales force and our ability to tap into the various ecosystems that are available to us and our customers alike through this blossoming community as the channel.”

“So we will continue to show our commitment through new tech. We will continue to show our commitment through what it is we're doing specifically with AI. And it complements what it is that we're doing to differentiate in the marketplace with our UCCC offering.”

“We're gonna double down on that. We've launched a campaign called Vonage Fusion, which puts us in a position to accelerate the world's ability to connect alongside of our UCCC offerings over our flexible platform.”

“We have seamless integrations with mission critical applications, business applications such as Microsoft Teams. And then obviously our programmable APIs and our CPaaS platform brings everything together as one Vonage as we call VCP to be able to accelerate the world's ability to connect.”

“So very excited about these initiatives and telling all of you more about them and continuing to add value to our customers, our partners alike here at Channel Partner Show, which is very important for us.”

What to Expect at CP Expo 2024

Craig: “Good stuff there, Reggie. Let's look ahead to the Channel Partners Conference and Expos just around the corner. Excited to see you and the Vonage team there. Maybe you can talk a little bit about what you're maybe most excited for at the event this year and what partners can expect at the Vonage booth, which is always one of the best.”

Reggie: “Well, listen, I'm very excited to be a part of Channel Partners. I tell you, the numbers have continued to return to new highs since COVID. I saw that at the last event. So very excited to reconnect with partners and really understand the journey that they're all taking to be, you know, to disrupt the industry through their supplier relationships.”

“We're very much excited about our ability to help in that endeavor. We are also very excited, me personally, I'm excited to be presenting one of our keynote presentations on Wednesday, March 13th. We will have a session called the Power of AI Driven Innovation and Personalization to Deliver Customer Success. I mentioned that earlier. So very excited about the opportunity to have a few of our Product Leads join me and others and talk about what it is we’re doing, as it relates to AI. But, more importantly, what are we doing holistically alongside the partner community to make sure that we are continuing to advance tech and accelerating the world’s ability to connect through our offerings.”

Craig: “Excited for that session Reggie and excited for the event as a whole, looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you again for joining me today on Channel Futures TV and Vonage’s continued support of the Channel Partners Conference and Expo.”

Reggie: “Awesome. Thanks for having me.”

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