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Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level with Cloud?

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It’s no secret that the pandemic has pushed everyone – channel partners included – into new ways of supporting and doing business. Everyone has had to rethink and shift — and keep security in mind along the way. 2020 was a tough time, and the challenges continue. But certain technologies have come to the rescue. Cloud computing, of course, has proven among the most helpful and valuable. Organizations worldwide sped up their cloud adoption at a such a rate that the customer of 2030 turned into the customer of today. For this year alone, Gartner predicts spending on public cloud services to grow 18.4 percent, totaling $304.9 billion.

Pax8 chief revenue officer Nick Heddy has been an industry leader throughout the cloud era. As such, on Tuesday, Nov. 2, at 10:15 a.m., he’ll helm the session, “Evolving Your Business in the Age of Cloud Acceleration and Digital Transformation,” at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Over 35 minutes, Heddy will talk about how partners made the most of cloud during COVID-19, extend insight into key market trends, and show senior channel leaders how to set up their companies for resilience and take advantage of future opportunities. Channel Partners caught up with Heddy in advance of the session to give attendees a taste of what to expect.

Channel Partners: What were some of the most innovative, partner-led cloud implementations you saw during the pandemic?

Nick Heddy: It was impressive to see how our partners responded to the pandemic by quickly establishing and securing their clients’ remote workplaces and creating new ways to teach them the solutions remotely. Many partners hosted virtual webinars to walk their clients through the products and leveraged Pax8 for technical guidance. It was inspiring to see the innovation and collaboration develop in real-time.

Pax8's Nick Heddy

CP: What key cloud trends do partners need to have top of mind before they attend your session in November, and why?

NH: While the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation for many companies, a significant number have not migrated to the cloud. As we move into the new hybrid work environment, digital transformation will maintain a top priority as companies continue adopting cloud technology to enable their modern workplaces. Partners will remain focused on security as they work to keep their clients’ environments safe from cyber threats. Additionally, as more companies adopt digital technology, they will begin tracking, monitoring and forecasting information through advanced data analytics, enabling them to be more deliberate in their approach.

CP: What advice will you be extending to attendees about how to prep their companies for resilience?

NH: Companies must continuously improve processes to reduce overhead costs and increase efficiencies to succeed in the evolving industry. Through one-on-one expert coaching that teaches MSPs to implement best practices, create refined client experiences and develop effective sales strategies, they will achieve operational and financial maturity. Businesses with these established frameworks can quickly adapt their practices as the market shifts.

CP: What do you see coming in 2022 that partners need to prepare for now?

NH: According to a recent Cisco report, cryptomining, phishing, ransomware and trojans are the four most prominent types of cybersecurity threats. To keep their clients and themselves safe, partners should adopt a zero-trust approach to security. A comprehensive security solution comprising email security, network protection, threat detection, multifactor authentication and endpoint security is required for employees to operate safely in a remote landscape.

CP: Similarly, what two or three things should partners do now to evolve theirbusinesses?

NH: Adopting technology that provides advanced automation capabilities can greatly impact a partner’s business. The automation streamlines operations by removing manual processes comprising several human touch points, increasing productivity, security and revenue. Partners can focus on more revenue-generating activities like client projects and account acquisitions with the added time savings.

As more businesses adopt cloud technology, the need for associated services and support from their IT provider also rises. Furthermore, services offer additional revenue opportunities with high-profit margins. Partners should incorporate services into their business model to create a robust solution offering, enabling them to provide enhanced support to their clients and capitalize on this great opportunity.

CP: Other thoughts to add?

NH: The IT channel is evolving into an ecosystem of vendors, partners, and end clients, all at different stages of their buying journey. And according to Forrester, 73% of buyers find buying from a marketplace offers better convenience. As more people begin consuming cloud technology, marketplaces providing a centralized location with robust offerings and a simplified process will become common, changing how we do business.

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