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Cloud Marketplaces Spark ‘Pivotal Moment’ for Channel Partners’ Businesses

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The Channel Partners Conference & Expo and MSP Summit, March 11-14, at the Venetian Las Vegas, will feature two sessions on cloud marketplaces, one on the main stage and another as a breakout. Kick off your day on Monday, March 11 at 10:10 a.m., with the former, which is set up as a debate around how cloud marketplaces are impacting the channel. Then, join the second panel at 2:45 p.m. for “A Closer Look,” which features more time for participants to go deeper.

Extra time is important because cloud marketplaces are quickly changing how technology buyers consume software and services — and how channel partners profit. Don’t risk getting left behind. Channel organization leaders must understand these platforms, the largest of which are run by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It’s imperative to learn why conducting transactions on cloud marketplaces brings more all-around value into your business.

Besides, overlooking this route to market will make you a bit of a dinosaur. After all, cloud marketplaces are proving themselves as primary outlets for generating significant revenue for software and services providers of all sizes and sectors. That includes ISVs and managed service providers who can stack unique and proprietary offerings on top of anything they sell through cloud marketplaces. In fact, some industry estimates show that ISVs alone are bringing in 20% of their revenue from cloud marketplaces. Some high performers generate as much as 50%, according to Vince Menzione, CEO of The Ultimate Partner, who will lead both sessions.

The message is clear: Channel partners must adapt to cloud marketplaces as a new and lasting method of product and service consumption by and for their customers. In the short Q&A below, Channel Partners talks with Menzione, as the event is just three weeks away. The keynote-stage conversation will include Ryan Walsh, chief strategy officer at Pax8; Dai Vu, managing director, marketplace & ISV go-to-market programs at Google; and Laurent Mechain, vice president of strategic alliance at Elastic.

The second, a conference education session, will feature Marc Harpster, marketplace resell strategic initiatives lead at Google Cloud; Joseph Landes, chief revenue officer of Nerdio; and, again, Mechain of Elastic. Find out how best to dissect the cloud marketplaces landscape and future-proof your business.

Here, Menzione offers a few tidbits to whet your appetite.

Channel Partners: What specific topic(s) will your panel address, and why?

Vince Menzione: I refer to this as the "marketplace moment." Several market forces have changed how we sell, and the dominance of the largest cloud providers. Canalys predicts we could see $45 billion flow through marketplaces by the end of this year.

CP: What’s unique about the panelists you’ve invited?

VM: We are representing the value chain by bringing in Google Cloud, representing the cloud, an award-winning software provider successfully delivering through marketplaces, and a cloud distributor connecting it all to the channel and, ultimately, the customer.

CP: Why is this session so important for attendees?

VM: This is a pivotal moment. Organizations need to understand the market forces, the increasing dominance of the largest giants and how to adjust their strategy for future growth.

CP: What action items do you expect your audience to take away from the session, and why?

VM: Awareness is job one for this audience, alignment of your business and perhaps a pivot to embrace or defend.

CP: What else about the session is critical for readers to know?

VM: This is the first time an audience will be exposed to this executive-level discourse. It's going to be an engaging and provocative session.

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