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Operate Modern Technologies in Retail and Quick-Service Restaurants with Cloud Solutions from S-NET


Mike Hensgen, S-NET: Interview Transcript

Craig: “Hey again, everyone. Channel Futures Editorial Director Craig Galbraith here. Looking forward to the upcoming Channel Partners Conference and Expo and MSP Summit from March 11-14 at the Venetian, Las Vegas.” 

“Got a chance today to catch up with Mike Hensgen. Mike is the Director of Sales at S-NET Communications, the sponsor of the upcoming event. Mike, how are you?”

Mike: “I'm doing well, thanks for having me Craig.”

What Does S-NET do? 

Craig: “So let's talk a little bit about S-NET. Maybe for those in our audience who aren't that familiar, give us a little bit about the company.” 

Mike: “Yeah, absolutely. S-NET stands for the Solution Network. We are a Cloud Solutions Provider that's been in the industry now since 2006. We have the pleasure and the honor of serving nearly 4,000 individual clients, which represent nearly 500,000 users on our network.” 

“We provide UCaaS, software-defined wide area networking, internet connectivity nationwide, as well as cloud-based firewall services for our clients.” 

Outstanding Customizations and Custom Integrations

Craig: “All right, so that's a lot of good stuff. You guys are clearly in a pretty competitive space. How do you differentiate from some of your competitors?” 

Mike: “Yeah, we are definitely in a very competitive space. What really separates S-NET from some of the others in the space is that we own, operate and manage our own platform.” 

“So that gives us a couple of distinct advantages. First off, it allows us to do a lot of customizations that other providers may not be able to provide. Secondly, it allows us to integrate with tools that many of our clients are already using, whether that's a CRM like Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar, Dynamics, HubSpot, or DealCloud.The list goes on and on.” 

“But we also do some custom integrations with a number of POS solutions, as well as a number of ERP platforms as well.” 

Multi-Location Enterprises

Craig: “Alright then, so what do partners need to know about the opportunity with S-NET?” 

Mike: “We're able to provide our solution set to any number of clients, whether they're 10 to 500-600 users, whether they're not-for-profit doctors, lawyers, accountants, municipalities, school districts, park districts, the list goes on and on. 

“But we've seen a lot of success over the last few years in the multi-location enterprise space, specifically in the QSR or QuickServe, Fast Casual Restaurant space, and the retail space. Obviously putting the technology that I described earlier into a multi-location enterprise like a QSR or multi-location enterprise, it's not all about the technology, right?”

“That's the easy piece. It’s managing the project, hand-holding in many cases and making sure that each and every one of those installations across the country go off without any hitches. We've been successful with a number of nationally recognized restaurants, and our largest customer now has close to 1,200 locations. They’re utilizing all of the technology that I just described.” 

Plans for the 2024 Channel Partners Event

Craig: “Yeah, that is a lot of opportunity there for partners indeed Mike. So speaking of partners in the upcoming event, what's the main message you have for them when you connect with them at Channel Partners?” 

Mike: “We love the opportunity just to introduce ourselves, talk about potential opportunities, and then ultimately show you the difference between the S-NET way of doing business and that which they may be accustomed to from other providers that they've been working with.” 

“We're able to provide our solution set to the small to medium sized enterprise. Our real forte, our real focus over the last few years and moving forward is going to be this multi-location enterprise type engagement in the QSR or the large retail space.” 

Craig: “All right, so Mike, then how do partners catch up with you guys at Channel Partners?” 

Mike: “So we're not exhibiting. We don't have a booth at Channel Partners. We're taking a different approach, we have a hospitality suite. That suite has not been determined at this point. We would ask that you please contact the front desk and ask where you can reach out to S-NET and they'll be happy to connect you to our hospitality suite.” 

“We'd love to have you come by, have a drink, maybe have something to eat and talk about some potential business opportunities that we might win together.” 

Craig: “Perfect sounds great, Mike. Thanks for your time today on Channel Futures TV and for S-NET sponsorship of the Channel Partners Conference and Expo.” 

Mike: “Yeah, absolutely our pleasure, Craig. I appreciate your time. Thank you for the opportunity.” 

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