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Robert Gavin, Exclaimer: Interview Transcript

Craig: “Hey again, everyone. Channel Futures editorial director Craig Galbraith here looking ahead to the upcoming Channel Partners Conference and Expo and MSP Summit in Las Vegas. We're just a little more than two weeks away now.” 

“Got a chance today to talk with Robert Gavin. Robert is Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth and Ecosystems at Exclaimer, a sponsor and exhibitor at this year's Channel Partners. Robert, how are you?” 

Robert: “I'm good Craig, thank you very much for having me, I really appreciate your time.” 

Craig: “Absolutely. And thank you for Exclaimer's sponsorship of the event. So, Robert, let's start off with those in our audience who really aren't that familiar with Exclaimer. Tell us about it. What's your product and how does it work?”

Offer Email Enhancement Products

Robert: “Thanks. Absolutely, yes. Overall, Exclaimer is an email signature management solution. We empower organizations to create consistent, professional email signatures that really enhance brand visibility, compliance to your emails, and again, enhance the marketing effectiveness of every email that you send a one-to-one email.” 

“At Exclaimer we prioritize building strong collaborative relationships with our partners as well. We understand the value of our ecosystem. We have a lot of partners out there with some good programs.”

“And so we're committed to providing some of our partners with good tools and resources that they need to succeed.” 

Craig: “Alright, so that begs the question then, what type of partner will you be looking to connect with at Channel Partners?”

MSP & VAR Offerings

Robert: “So we do have a wide variety of partners out there. We work with distribution. But more importantly, we've just launched an MSP program recently. And so I'm looking to speak to a lot of MSPs.” 

“We have a good CSP and VAR program. So again, we have existing VARs that we work with. I'm really excited, though, personally, to speak with some of the MSPs and get feedback on our program.” 

Craig: “Yeah, so let's get into that a little more. What are some of the benefits of joining the Exclaimer Partner Network?” 

Robert: “Craig, thanks for asking that. Over the last year, Exclaimer has surveyed over 5,000 MSPs, VARs, resellers, and we've actually consulted an outside analyst as well, somebody who's actually speaking at this event, so we're proud to be in partnership with them as well.” 

“We understand that our partner's success is our success criteria. We have a lot of the majority of our revenue rolling through partners anyway, and so we offer a dedicated MSP program competitive margins.” 

“We offer a playbook for the co-marketing sides. We have co -marketing opportunities. We have sales enablement. We help our partners drive growth and profitability. We do have a value add service that gives what we call ‘campaigns in a box’, or maybe some white papers and social media banners, but also live interactive product tours which are co -branded. So we do have a lot to choose from depending on how large the VAR or the reseller's marketing team is.”

“We look for close collaboration on that. We do have a whole resource album for them to go through as well.” 

What to Expect from Exclaimer at Channel Partners 2024

Craig: “Very cool, very cool. All right, so let's talk specifically about the event. You've talked a lot about a lot of things here on this call. What's maybe the one main message for partners that you connect with that channel partners?”

Robert: “Again, we're excited to speak directly to some of the MSPs, some of the VARs, some of the other technology services providers, because we do believe we have something for everyone. Most of the attendees, if you don't know us, can learn a little bit more about Exclaimer’s world-class kind of leading product offering.” 

“We have a leader in email signature management. It's a less known solution. So I think that you'll be pretty impressed when you see it. You know how you can actually do a lot more about one-to-one communication.”

“Last year, we touched over 20 billion emails. And again, if you can have a personalized message in there, I think it's pretty exciting, not only for the MSP, the VAR, but also the downstream customers.”

Craig: “All right, Robert, looking forward to seeing you and the Exclaimer team at the upcoming Channel Partners Conference and Expo. Thanks for your time today on Channel Features TV.” 

Robert: “Excellent, Craig. Thank you very much for this time. Really appreciate it. I hope to see you on the floor and come by and say hello. All right.” 

Craig: “I'll be there”. 

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