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Troy McCawley, Boss Company (in Partnership with Sentury by RF Code): Interview Transcript

Craig: “All right, hey, again, everyone, Channel Futures editorial director Craig Galbraith, looking ahead to the upcoming Channel Partners Conference and Expo and MSP Summit, March 11 through the 14th in Las Vegas.”

“Got a great chance today to talk with Troy McCawley. Troy is president of the Boss Company, an MSP based in Alabama, and they're a partner of Sentry by RF code, which is sponsoring and exhibiting in the MSP Summit portion of the event this year. Troy, how are you?”

Troy: “I'm doing awesome. Thanks, Craig. How are you?”

Craig: “I'm doing well. Good to have you here. So this is really an interesting story to me. I'm interested to learn, first of all, a little bit about the Boss Company, and then maybe tell the story about how you connected with Century by RF code at our event last year.”

Creating Partnerships at Channel Partners

Troy: “Yeah, absolutely. So Boss Company has been in existence for only about two years. So we are a total office solution company. And part of our product offering is being an MSP, so for IT services. And yeah, I was fortunate enough to come to the event last year, I brought my wife, who is also my business partner.”

“And we essentially just came just to look for cool new products that we thought our customers might be interested in or we thought would help us as an MSP or a solutions provider be more efficient. And that's where we got to meet RF Code and learned about the Sentry device.” 

Craig: “Yeah, very good. So talk more about the value of the MSP Summit for your company and discovering innovations such as Sentry that benefit MSPs by yourself, like yourself.” 

Troy: “Sure, absolutely. Well, as everyone knows, it's almost impossible to keep up with technology. So, you know, that's really what I'm using it for. It's just to see the latest, greatest things, the new toys, the new efficiencies that an MSP can bring to their customer base and to their portfolio. And so that's what we came to Channel Partners to find. And that's what we found in RF Code and Sentry.” 

The MSP ABC Playbook Panel

Craig: “Very cool, very cool. So you and some other MSPs I understand are going to be part of an MVP session where we're calling the ‘MSP ABC playbook’. It's kind of catchy, I like that. Yeah. So you're going to be sharing some tools and techniques to help MSPs boost profit and drive new revenue. I'd be interested to hear you promote that session a little bit and then tell us what it's about.” 

Troy: “Yeah, so I'm delighted to be on the panel. I'm there to learn as much as I am to give, but just anything that I can do to show others how to improve their MSP business, looking for new technologies like we found at the show last year with David, and just new ideas, how to find new customers.” 

“That's what it's all about for us is how do we grow our business? How do we do it effectively? And what are some unique opportunities and ideas to bring to the marketplace?”

Craig: “All right, so that session is going to be Monday, March 11th at 11;25am if folks out there watching this want to check that out.”

“So one more question for you, Troy. Let's dig into Sentury, a little bit. Can you give me some specifics on how it's helped your business?” 

24/7 Data Visibility

Troy: “Yes, absolutely. Well, first off, I will tell you it's a differentiator. So as an MSP, there are lots of other MSPs in the marketplace. Everybody tells you they do good IT service, right? But the proof is in the pudding on what you are doing differently than everybody else.” 

“And this was a differentiator for us. So this gives us live eyes to our IT closets, to our IT customers, so that we actually 24/7 can see what's going on in the data closet that we're managing. Nobody else was offering that in our marketplace. So I was delighted to be able to say I'm the first. And the fact that it also gives me temperature control. So we've had some real life scenarios where we've had air conditioning units go out in the IT closet. 

“And we were the first to know about it before our customer was. So being able to kind of say ‘Hey, we need to get the AC company out there to fix the air conditioner before our IT closet blows up, that kind of thing. So that's proactive. That's the next level. That's the IoT at its best.” 

Craig: “I definitely don't want your IT closet blowing up. That's for sure. Sentry sounds like a great product. Troy, thanks for your time today. Excited to see you and the Boss Company as well as Sentry by RF code coming up at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo and MSP Summit. We're just a little more than two weeks away.” 

Troy: “Look forward to seeing you there, Craig.” 

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